I love you O Lord

I love You, O Lord, my strength. For from You, through You and to You, I am, and throughout all what the years bring, I find in You the refuge and unconditional love, so I knew that God is love. You are the absolute goodness and giving that overshadow the weaknesses of myself and the entire universe. I marvel at You, creator of all, Who makes His sun rise on the evil and the good, and feed the grateful and the ungrateful? It is Your good-loving nature that overflows without measure on everyone. There are those who come close to You and be satisfied and their hearts become filled with joy and gratitude to Your Divine Person, and there are also those who receive from your bounties contented but separating them from You, thinking in their ignorance that they are their source. Although reality shows that we are much weaker than a virus that is not visible to the naked eye, revealing the extent of helplessness of the whole world with all its rulers, kings, knowledge, weapons and atheism. Till this moment, we are perplexed by this cursed pandemic that has changed the world, its policies and systems.
Lord, I return once again to Your transcendent love. How You created us with Your love, and when in ignorance and pride we transgressed against your will, Bringing death upon ourselves, You emptied Yourself, taking the form of a servant and walking upon the earth as a man, in our likeness in everything except sin alone. And with eternal love, You surrendered Yourself to death for us, so that we might be saved, restoring us to Your divine image and likeness, to adopt us once again to You and to be in us and we in You. What kind of thanks and praise would be enough to repay Your forgiving and kind fatherhood? Then, how patiently, and kindly, You give us one opportunity after another. If we have sinned against You, let us return to You with repentance, to find Your fatherly arms embracing us, and Your pure blood washing us and whitening our clothes that were stained with sin. Therefore, Your love is existing and present and does not change towards us, even if we sinned, we have at the table of Your altar, Your body broken for our sake and Your blood shed for our purification. An uninterrupted hope because of Your endless love, we only have to repent and confess our sins and insist on not returning to the sludge of sin again.


Your love, O Lord shames me if I think of sin. Your love makes me hate breaking Your commandments. I love You because You loved me first… I love You, O Lord, my strength.


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November 8, 2021

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